Much Better Adventures

User Experience · Visual Design · Brand · Illustration

MBA is building the world’s leader in positive impact adventure holidays. Since early 2018 I’ve been responsible for all UX / UI Design and Brand identity.

UX & UI Design

I’ve recently revamped our product page design in collaboration with the product and marketing teams. We went through numerous rounds of user testing to iterate this design. Our aim is to provide customers with an easily digestible overview of a trip while at the same time giving easy access to the large volume of important information that customers need to know before booking.

Since our trips always include an element of risk and often take place in remote places, its important that customers can clearly see how physically demanding the trip is, how they’ll get there, and what kit they need to bring, while also speaking to their need for wanderlust.


Marketing material

In busy social media channels saturated by similar content from competitors and outdoors brands, we decided to use illustration to grab customer attention. These were often used as templates in combination with changing photography so that the imagery remained fresh without the design overhead.


I designed these in a hand-drawn style to reflect the fun-loving nature of our company and customer base.