FanDuel Mobile Apps

User Experience · Visual Design · Illustration

Lead Product Design for the USA’s No.1 Sports App

FanDuel is the world’s leading daily fantasy sports service. I served as Lead Designer on the mobile app’s discovery phase, devising a new live scoring experience which was subsequently rolled out across the product suite. This has since become one of the most loved features among the millions who play FanDuel every day. The app reached the top of the US App Store’s Sports Category upon release.

I then worked as Lead Designer on a new product for the UK market overseeing a lean-agile design team. A standout feature of the app was a new drafting experience for creating fantasy football teams in a visual formation.

Illustrating the shirts was a particular challenge as I had to ensure these visibly belonged to the right premier league team while not infringing on the teams’ rights.

We focused on constant experimentation and continuous learning to uncover the most valuable experience for our potential users, testing weekly in our own lab.