This Berlin startup helps long-term illness sufferers take their medication correctly. It was important that the product did not look like a run-of-the-mill medical design and could engage with users on an emotional level.

In a freelance role I provided visual design direction and a UX pattern for the core interaction of marking off prescription intakes. Medico’s own team then took the concepts forward.



I was Lead Designer on this service devised to help medical researchers gather data in a more timely and accurate manner. I designed an iPad app, a CMS, and the relationships between all the required user groups. The iPad app was an interesting challenge because it would be used by both researcher and patient concurrently. To this end we used two complementary visual styles so that the researcher knew what state the app was in at a glance.


Careful attention also had to be paid to data security, since sensitive information subject to data protection laws was temporarily held on the device while being handled by other patients. It was important to safeguard those areas of the app that should only be accessed by medical staff.